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Writing and Illustration Workshops
1991 Workshops at the Bibliothèque Publique d'Information, Centre Georges Pompidou - "La Mythologie" Exhibition
1991 5th Book Fair of Bordeaux
1992 Aubagne Book Fair, Mediterranean Children's Book Fair
1992 6th Book Fair of Bordeaux
1993 7th Book Fair of Bordeaux
1994 8th Book Fair of Bordeaux
1994 Children's Book Week, Royan
1994 "World Mythologies" Exhibit
1995 9th Book Fair of Bordeaux
1995 Public Library, Yerres - "Circus"
1995 Marseille Public Library
1995 "Le Rêve de Federico" Exhibit
1996 10th Book Fair of Bordeaux
1999 13th Book Fair of Bordeaux
1999 Book Fair of Pau
1999 Sallanches Children’s Book Fair
2000 Book Fair of Bayonne
2000 Amiens Public Library
2000 L'Heure Joyeuse Library, Paris
2000 Book Fair of Ribercourt
2000 5th Book Fair of Blaye
2000 J. Legendre Space, Compiègne
2000 Mourichon Library, Bayonne, Book Fair (closing)
2000 Thelle School, Meru
2000 St.Loubès Public Library
2000 CVE Primary School, Torcy
2000 R.Desnos Library, Montreuil
2001 A.Frank Library, Dugny
2001 Pointe-à-Pitre, R. Cipolin Primary School, Lamentin Media Library
2001 Celebrating Reading, Margny-lès-Compiègne
2002 Villeparisis Media Library
2002 Ambarès, F. Mitterrand Library
2002 Limoges, Francophone Multimédia Library
2003 Louvres, Center for Youth and Culture
2003 Issou City Hall
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